Nikhil D’Souza



Nikhil D’souza is an Indian playback singer who is majors in playback singing, song writing and playing guitar. He is born and brought up in Mumbai. He graduated from St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai with Geology. His songs are based on pop/alternative with folk influences. In his college days he was with a band named Mr. John’s Band. Since then he have worked with various other bands. His first work in bollywood was in the movie Aisha. After that he had worked in many bollywood and tollywood movies. He has worked in crook, Anjana Anjani, Ye Stupid Pyaar and Jannat 2.

In an interview he said about himself:

“I started out playing guitar at the age of 12, or was it 13?.. doesn’t matter. But I remember I started playing bcoz there was no one else to play while I sang. So it’s been 12 years of being in bands as guitarist, mainly, rarely sometimes doing what I like doing best: SING. And three years ago, I gave it up… for a normal life, as defined by a 9-to-5 existence. Don’t quite know what made me change my views about the way I should live the rest of my life–to get back into the music–but I know it happened about 8 months ago… and this time, I’m not turning back. Good music is made from a lot of genuine feeling, and if u have the rare gift to make your audience feel what you're feeling.. then you're nearly there. — I'd like to believe I have that ability.”