Bonnie Chakraborty



Bonnie Chakraborty was the lead vocalist of Kolkata based band Krosswindz until 1998. He did four Bengali albums during that time time.

Bonnie coupled with Neil Mukherjee and formed a band named Kashti which was promoted by Zee Music. The album had eight songs. This album came and went off unnoticed by public. It was popular only among music circles of Mumbai. After three years the contract ended and the band split. Neil had some other plans while Bonnie started to move on with the formation of another band Oikyotaan along with Kartick das Baul, a well known baul singer from Guskara in West Bengal. Bonnie had eight years of rock music experience in Kolkata. He has four bengali albums to his credit including three for the group called Mohiner Ghoraguli spearheaded by Goutam Chattopadhya.