Salman Khan

Wanted | Release: 2009



Salman Khan’s ‘Wanted’ is another block buster on the box office. The reasons can be quite simply put as: one – Salman Khan ; two – Salman Khan; three – Salman Khan. Well, if you are not a die-hard on Salman bhai then it may be a bit difficult for you to understand this. For you, we can yet again gather up three more reasons that qualify for the success of the film: one – heavy promotions; two – outstanding promos; three – Salman Khan, his swagger, his one liners. If you are looking for more, then you can count in a few songs that were a hit even before the film hit the screens.


However, it would be causing injustice to the film if one does not mention that the film is a thorough light-hearted entertainer, one that can be on your list for a day when you are completely overworked, spent and exhausted and have no inclination to even judge the moral quotient or the ethos of a film; even less likely to observe the intellectual innuendos of a film. Sprawling on the couch you simply want someone to entertain you to your bones and here comes The Salman Khan with his ‘Wanted’.


‘Wanted’ has every masala that Bollywood more often uses. Action, romance; violence, singing, dancing, act of kindness; hero saving women and children; hero’s all good at heart (although the king of illegal acts) nature recognised by the heroine; so on and so forth. However, one cannot deny that the film’s success is also sealed by the enjoyable chemistry of Ayesha Takia and Salman Khan. Where Salman qualifies admirably for a desirable bachelor, Ayesha is all beauty and coy.


The backdrop and its variety also add to the quotient of success. Director Prabhu Deva shows his expertise in maintaining a good pace for a movie which has little strength in story line but is an all show of heroism and romance; dialogue bazi and dhishum dhishum. A remake of ‘Pokiri’, a successful Telegu and Tamil Film, ‘Wanted had tried its luck in two different languages, in two different states with two different heroes and faired very well on the box offices. So, was a formula much tried and tested and Prabhu Deva had only to select the right cast to pull it off and for that his choice of Salman worked wonders. Salman brought with himself a baggage of followers who would never let him down in givig their support. After all that is where a good actor’s charisma lies.


With a 6.6 on the IMDb scale, ‘Wanted’ is definitely a one-time watch if you are not deadly against a brainless thriller easing off all your strains from a day’s or week’s work.


Release: 2009

Director: Prabhu Deva

Producers: Boney Kapoor, Matt Zemlin

Soundtrack: Songs – Sajid-Wajid



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