Jai Ho



rn Jai Ho indulges with action and drama which casts Salman Khan, Tabu and Daisy Shah in the lead roles. The movie is directed by Sohail Khan and is produced under the Sohail Khan Production franchise. The movie is scheduled to get released on 24 th Jan, 2014.


rn The story pictures the mission of Jai’s (Salman Khan) life to make the world a better place by putting a full stop to crimes and spreading peace all around. In early life Jai served the Indian Army as a Major but later he quits for being transferred to administrative division from the battlefield as a disciplinary action. He followed a simple rule for executing his mission that is he rendered a helping hand to somebody in deed and in return asked to render help to somebody else, forming a growing group for people helping each other.


rn He lived with his mother and his sister (Tabu) got married. His mother maintained a distance with his sister as she married a boy against her wish. He falls in the pit of a powerful politician. His family and close ones get into trouble just because of the reason he takes action against a rich boy for injuring a beggar. This rich boy fixes some goons to take the revenge on Jai but not finding him they take his sister and his friend, Chitra into their constraint. All the politicians and henchmen stand on one side together against Jai. He goes to save them and free them from the hands of the goons. After he rescues them he suffers from a chest pain due to a bullet that had remained in body close to his heart during an injury while serving the country in war and is taken to hospital. He undergoes a delicate surgery and the doctors remain successful in taking the bullet out of his body.


rn Jai Ho inspires the audience to serve the country by helping the needy to bring peace all around. This movie inspires to raise voice against the corruption to make this earth a better living place. 


Jai Ho Movie Picture