Aamir Khan

Fanaa | Release: 2006



Fanaa marks Kajol’s come-back and is her first film against Amir Khan as a romantic pair. The film showcases a complex love story with intense emotions and adeptly drives the audience along with it. To an extent Fanaa tries to point at the more human nature of a terrorist while still actively operating as a tool to achieve the set goal. Amir Khan, as always plays the jolly Rehan and later his despair with immaculate perfection. You follow his steps through every twist and turn; fall in love with his jovial self and hate him for his murderous act, yet you sympathise with him and wish things take a Bollywood like turn – ‘all good in the end’. Kajol’s character has lesser scope yet no one can doubt that it is she who steals the show. Her come-back was a breath of relief to most ‘poignant acting’ lovers; also to those who couldn’t get over the Shah Rukh – Kajol Jodi, but Kajol- Amir powerhouse duo took the audience by a blast. If Fanaa broke many records, towering credits must be bestowed upon the two actors.


Fanaa is a love tale spiced with uncommon flavours. Subtle emotions have been sewn into the fabric so adeptly that the audience is bound to be taken with the flow. What is interesting is that Amir dares to play the anti-hero at the prime of his career and yet has been applauded and accepted by the masses with equal love as any other of his roles. This is definitely not a mean feat. What’s best in the film is that both protagonists are given chance enough to flower and transform through the length of their screen presence. While in the first half of the story Zooni plays the innocent, fresh, adorable blind girl and Rehan a flirtatious tourist guide, the second half of the film brings in completely transformed personalities of both. The metamorphosis is endearing, especially because it breaks the monotony that might have filled the space had the story dragged itself on the linear path. With a 7.2 IMDb rating, Fanaa is definitely a must watch.


Release: 2006

Director: Kunal Kohli

Producers: Aditya Chopra

Soundtrack: Jatin-Lalit


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